Monday, May 26, 2008

How did Joe Blanton beat the Red Sox?

After staring at the data for around two hours, I really can't put my finger on it. I'll post the numbers and if you can come up with anything, you let me know.

Pitch Type Pfx_x Pfx_z Speed Spin Angle
FB -5.47 9.81 89 209
CB 5.59 -7.11 75 39
CH -6.58 6.52 82 225
CU -1.63 11.44 89 188
SL 5.35 4.56 82 131

MAY 25th vs Red Sox
Pitch Type Pfx_x Pfx_z Speed Spin Angle
FB -5.59 10.13 89 209
CB 4.05 -5.58 75 40
CH -6.83 6.58 82 226
CU -2.28 11.33 90 191
SL 5.12 0.72 80 98

Nothing really outside the norm here. His fastball moved to his glove side a little more than usual and his slider had less downward movement, but that isn't significant when you see the next chart.

Lots of called strikes on the fastball. For a pitch that doesn't get many swinging strikes (only 14 total on the year!), they shouldn't have been sitting on his other pitches so much. While the Red Sox like to work the counts, they should have looked to be more aggressive vs Blanton. In fact, they only swung at 12 of his 55 fastballs all day. On the other hand, they were clearly fooled when he threw his changeup. It was thrown 19 times and they swung 9 times, putting it in play 3 times for one hit.

To further back up my point on being more aggressive when he throws the fastball, both runs came off his fastball: The solo HR by David Ortiz in the first and the RBI single by Manny Ramirez.

The Red Sox will look to bounce back tomorrow, which shouldn't figure to be any easier. They face Felix Hernandez.

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